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Trust Line

Report a Concern Online

This system makes it easy to report an incident about workplace issues like financial and auditing concerns, harassment, theft, substance abuse, and unsafe conditions.

Call Our Ethics Line

If you would prefer to speak to someone confidentially, call us and one of our representatives would be happy to assist you.

SMS Our Ethics Line

If you are located in North America, you can also use the number below to anonymously text a concern.

Speaking Up

As a public institution of higher learning, we have a responsibility to set a high standard for integrity and ethical conduct.

Our character as a caring institution reinforces this responsibility and is reflected in the ethical and honest ways we interact with students, the public, and each other. 

Read Letter


You can check the status of your report or question using the access number and password you created when you submitted the report or question.

Ask a Question

If you have an ethics or compliance question or an inquiry regarding a company policy, you can ask anonymously and confidentially.

Ethics and Standards of Conduct

The University of North Texas has developed the Ethics and Standards of Conduct which sets out basic guiding principles for all employees.

What to Expect in the Reporting Process

    If you witness or experience issues in the following areas, please reach out. 

    • Public procurement
    • Financial services, products, and markets
    • Product safety and compliance
    • Transport safety
    • Protection of the environment
    • Radiation protection and nuclear safety
    • Food and feed safety, animal health and welfare
    • Public health
    • Consumer protection
    • Protection of privacy and personal data
    • Your concern is taken seriously.
    • You are treated with dignity and respect.

    • You are not required to identify yourself.

    • Your communication is confidential.

    • Your incident report will be received by Convercent and sent to the individuals deemed appropriate within your organization.

    • Your organization handles all incident reports according to its internal investigatory procedures.

    • Your concern is addressed and you are kept informed during the investigation.

    • You are contacted when the investigation is complete and informed as to whether the findings are substantiated or unsubstantiated.

    • You will not be retaliated against for good faith reporting.

    Convercent is an organization dedicated to building best in class ethics and compliance solutions. It allows employees to share concerns or incidents, while easily maintaining anonymity, fostering an atmosphere where every voice is heard.

    Your incident report is NOT automatically sent to law enforcement. Only if your organization feels law enforcement should receive a copy, or if the law requires it, will your incident report be submitted to the police.

    In all instances, every effort will be made to ensure that information relating to a reported incident is kept confidential and communicated on a need-to-know basis only. Below are the different levels of anonymity you may select:

    • Remain completely anonymous: You will not reveal your name or contact information. Your identity is completely protected on the incident report.

    • Remain anonymous toward your organization: You are comfortable revealing your name and contact information to Convercent, but not to your organization. Convercent may contact you confidentially to gather additional information about the report yet will not reveal your identity at any time to your organization.

    • Share my name and information: You do not care about anonymity. You choose to reveal your name and identity to both your organization and to Convercent.

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